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The source code and documentation for the VEDM-CAV 1.0 has been released onto the OSADP and is now available for download. To download this application, you need to sign in as a registered user. To download the software please click here.  If you do not have an account, you may submit an account registration request by completing the registration form.

The VEDM-CAV 1.0 software is an innovative framework which facilitates simulation and testing of a wide range of machine driving activities using an off-the-shelf traffic simulator from PTV, Vissim. The package provides an extensible library that represents the basic knowledge necessary to do the innovative tasks associated with machine driving. The framework provides a capability to simulate cooperative/collaborative maneuvers by individual vehicles in established traffic flow not before found in the native functionality of commercial simulators.

The VEDM-CAV 1.0 was developed using C# for Vissim component object model (COM) interface and C++ for Vissim Driver Model automated program interface (API). Currently, the application only runs on Windows operating systems. Users will also need the proper version of Vissim and Visual Studio to use the code. An instruction file for install and use is included with the download package.  

Note: Vissim is an off-the-shelf software product offered by the PTV Group. It is designed to assist in realistically simulating and balancing roadway capacity and traffic demand (http://vision-traffic.ptvgroup.com/en-us/products/ptv-vissim/).