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The source code and documentation for the Road Weather Performance Measures (RW-PM) system software has been released onto the OSADP and is now available for download. To download this application, you need to sign in as a registered user. To download the software please click here. If you do not have an account, you may submit an account registration request by completing the registration form.

The RW-PM software analyzes traffic and road weather data from fixed weather stations (e.g., environmental sensor stations) and fixed speed sensors (e.g., inductive loop detectors) and/or subscription services.  The software is capable of analyzing data from mobile sources such as road weather maintenance vehicles, connected vehicles, and drivers’ personal mobile devices. The download package includes two components:

  1. RoadWeatherMobileApp – Sends data for use by the RW-PM system and display traffic and road weather generated alerts from this system to drivers.
  2. Cloud RW-PM - Receives data from the RoadWeatherMobileApp and two other subsystems: Pikalert and Intelligent Network Flow Optimization (INFLO)

The Cloud RW-PM system receives road weather information, road treatment recommendations, and pavement condition data from the Pikalert software. The Cloud RW-PM system receives recommended speed information and traffic backup locations from INFLO. The Cloud RW-PM analyzes this data and develops traffic control, road weather maintenance dispatch and motorist advisory recommendations. Traffic control and road weather maintenance personnel are alerted when weather events may impact travel or roadway conditions.

This process continues iteratively throughout the weather event, adjusting dynamically until the roadway and travel conditions return to normal (e.g. the event concludes, the roads are cleared, and traffic mobility returns to normal). Following the event, system performance processors aggregate the data, measures, and metrics, and assess performance and effectiveness outcomes for the entire event. The outcomes are then used by traffic control and road weather maintenance managers and personnel to refine and optimize RW-PM strategies for implementation in responding to future weather events. System performance is evaluated seasonally and/or annually and strategies are updated to enhance seasonal and annual performance.