The source code and documentation for the INFLO prototype system has been released onto the OSADP and is available for download. The INFLO prototype systems consists of three main elements:

  1. First, the Microsoft Azure backend, which supplies the INFLO in-vehicle system with information about speed harmonization and queue warnings. 
  2. The Arada application is written to run on an Arada DSRC (Dynamic Short Range Communication) OBU (On Board Unit). 
    The Arada application contains the software to receive DSRC J2735 messages, process the messages, and logic for which messages need to be alerted to the driver through the android application. 
  3. Last, the Android application is the display for the driver for speed harmonization and queue warning information.  The android application communicates to the DSRC OBU using Bluetooth.

INFLO is one of the USDOT’s Dynamic Mobility Application Bundles.

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