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The source code and documentation for the IDTO prototype system has been released onto the OSADP and is now available for download.

The main components of the IDTO prototype system include:

  1. T-DISP (Dynamic Transit Operations) -  the mobile application piece of the IDTO prototype; this application is used by the traveler to search for transit trips, and save those trips in the IDTO system. This application package was written in Xamarin and contains source code for both an iOS and Android version of the mobile application. 
  2. T-CONNECT (aka Connection Protection)  - this component utilizes a backend cloud computing platform, which is written in .Net and deployed to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing system.  This platform provides monitoring and management functions.
  3. The last components of the IDTO prototype were the web sites that were deployed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing system.  There were two websites developed:
    1. The first website was the API (advanced programming interface) that allowed the mobile application to communicate with the IDTO backend system. 
    2. The second website was the traveler portal, which gave users the same functionality as the mobile application for searching and saving trips.

IDTO is one of the USDOT’s Dynamic Mobility Application Bundles.

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