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The source code and documentation for the Glidepath Open Source application has been released onto the OSADP and is now available for download. To download this application, you need to sign in as a registered user. To download the software, please click here. If you do not have an account, you may submit an account registration request by completing the registration form.

The GlidePath application is vehicle on-board software that provides level 1 (longitudinal) control for a modified 2010 Ford Escape at the Saxton Lab while it transits an intelligent, signalized intersection.  The software’s objective is to maximize fuel economy as the vehicle passes through the intersection by minimizing speed changes.  It receives and interprets information about the signal operation via messages broadcast by the roadside infrastructure via Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) radio.  The messages are Signal Phase and Timing (SPAT message) and a map of the intersection geometry (MAP message).  With this information and precise knowledge of vehicle location and state, the software computes an optimal speed trajectory to approach and depart the intersection in an eco-friendly manner.