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As part of the FRATIS DFW Prototype, the Leidos team created an optimization program to minimize the miles travelled for participating dray carriers. The program, title Vesco version 1.0 is now available for download on the OSADP.

Vesco Version 1.0 includes three components:

  1. A Pre-Optimization processor, which consumes input files from the dray carriers dispatching software. This processor enumerates all available orders planned for the day, the geocodes for the pickup and dropoff locations, and the drivers available to carry these orders.
  2. The Optimization code, developed by Productivity Apex, Inc., uses an ant colony optimization algorithm to develop an optimized plan, i.e., a recommended assignment of all orders to the available drivers. Since this algorithm employs the use of metaheuristic optimizations, the results for the optimized plan will vary even though the input files remain the same.
  3. A Post-Optimization processor, which presents the optimized plan from PAI for consumption by the dray company dispatchers. The file format is a comma separated value (CSV) test file, and contains a summary of orders by driver, as well as detailed plans for each driver. It also contains estimated arrival and departure times at each destination and the mileage between each location.

Vesco Version 1.0 is intended for dray carrier users who have the appropriate input files from Trinium dispatching software, which is the software used by both prototype test participants.

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To download the software please click here.