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General FAQ

01. What is the OSADP?

The OSADP is a Web portal that hosts an open source repository for U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) mobility and transportation-related applications. It also provides a collaborative environment for the transportation community that focuses on research, development, testing, and commercialization of applications that are federally funded (i.e., mobility applications developed through funding by the USDOT’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Dynamic Mobility Applications, DMA, program) or federally approved e.g., mobility applications developed through University Transportation Center funding and approved for inclusion in the portal by the Dynamic Mobility Applications program.

02. What is the OSADP community?

The OSADP ‘community’ is the collection of all users who register with the OSADP website. A registered user may download posted applications, request collaboration access to posted applications, and request a new project. All registered users of the OSADP can also access the OSADP discussion forum and other communication tools which facilitate the exchange of ideas and issues. The discussion forum also provides a means to provide feedback to the developers of the applications contained in the OSADP repository.

03. How can I become a member of OSADP?

If you are interested in becoming a registered user of the OSADP, you can submit a registration from the home page of the website by clicking on "Registration Form".  Your registration request will be reviewed for approval and you will be notified when access is granted.

04. I am a developer. How can I use the OSADP?

The OSADP provides a means for developers to upload and download completed mobility applications and collaborate on projects that are working on developing applications. The OSADP is intended to be a forum to allow developers:

  • to implement their ideas in new open source projects
  • collaborate on and/or discuss projects that are new or underway, and  
  • to use or augment others’ code 

05. Where can I find open source applications that are available for download?

You can check out releases of open source code by clicking on the ‘Open Source’ button on the top menu and follow the DOWNLOAD link.  From here, you can download the latest open source packages. You can also see and access the applications available for download by clicking on the green ‘Explore Applications’ button on the right hand side of the home page, above “Highlights”.

06. What is the difference between a ‘project’ and an ‘application’ within the OSADP?


The term ‘application’ refers to the completed source code and associated documentation that is contained in the OSADP repository. ‘Application’ implies a dynamic mobility application developed through funding provided by the USDOT. It also implies that the application is complete and has been released for download from the OSADP.


The term ‘project’ refers to the collaborative environment that is used to develop an application within the OSADP. ‘Project’ implies that the development work required to build the application is underway as opposed to complete. The collaborative environment of the OSADP is facilitated through GitHub. A registered user can create new projects and/or contribute to already created projects via the OSADP. To create a new project, the registered user must complete the New Project Request form, which is available under the “Open Source” item on the top menu.

To collaborate on an existing project, the registered user must complete the Open Source Collaboration Request form located under the “Open Source” menu item.

07. Where is the community discussion forum?

From the top menu item “Community”, click on “Discussion Forum” to access and participate in various discussions. 

08. Where do I go to update my registration password?

You can change your password or edit other information in your profile by clicking on 'Password Reset' in the Footer section, toward bottom right corner of your screen. 

09. Who sponsors the OSADP?

The OSADP is sponsored by the USDOT’s ITS Dynamic Mobility Applications program in an effort to promote the reuse of intelligent transportation applications.


10. Who created the OSADP?

The OSADP is sponsored by the USDOT’s ITS Dynamic Mobility Applications (DMA) program to facilitate collaboration on funded DMA projects, provide widespread access to the resultant code developed for the DMAs, and promote the reuse of intelligent transportation applications.