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The Southeast Michigan (SEMI) Operational Data Environment (ODE) software is a license-free instantiation of ODE software developed at the SEMI Testbed. An ODE is a real-time data acquisition and distribution software system that processes and routes data from Connected-X devices – including connected vehicles (CV), personal mobile devices, and infrastructure components and sensors – to subscribing applications to support the operation, maintenance, and use of the transportation system, as well as related research and development efforts. The SEMI-ODE software is a research product which is still actively being developed to support the SEMI Connected Vehicle Testbed and other research projects. This web page contains the current version of the SEMI-ODE software and project documentation, and four applications that were developed to show how the data delivered by the SEMI-ODE can be used by a traffic manager or other users.

All communication from the RSUs to the SEMI-ODE is via the SEMI SDC or SDW. The SEMI-ODE does not receive messages directly from RSUs. The SEMI-ODE does not feature communication from the ODE to RSUs, although theoretically an RSU could subscribe to the ODE to get information.
This topic is created for discussing issues you may find while using SEMI-ODE open source.

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