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The tool captures and analyzes applicable traffic mobility and road weather data continuously from multiple sources. This includes capturing road weather data from fixed weather stations (e.g., environmental sensor stations) and traffic mobility data from fixed speed sensors (e.g., inductive loop detectors) and/or subscription services. The Tool is capable of capturing also captures data from mobile sources such as road weather maintenance vehicles, connected vehicles, and drivers’ personal mobile devices. The data are transmitted wirelessly and stored in suitable traffic mobility, road weather, and RW-PM databases. The captured raw data are next analyzed by multiple processors operating in parallel and in real-time. One set of processors analyzes the raw data to compute local real-time traffic mobility and road weather performance “measures and metrics” and stores them in a “measures and metrics” database. Another set of processors analyzes the raw data and performance measures and metrics to develop real-time traffic control, road weather maintenance dispatch and motorist advisory recommendations. Traffic control and road weather maintenance managers personnel are alerted when DOT criteria for a weather event likely to degrade level of service (LOS) are met. Upon verification and authorization by the appropriate personnelmanagers:

Control and dispatch recommendations are deployed to traffic management and road weather maintenance systems;
Motorist advisories are deployed to connected vehicles and personal mobile devices; and
Road weather maintenance dispatch information and messages are issued to connected maintenance vehicles.
This process continues iteratively throughout the weather event, adjusting dynamically until the LOS returns to normal (e.g. the event concludes, the roads are cleared, and traffic mobility returns to normal). Following the event, system performance processors aggregate the data, measures, and metrics and assess performance and effectiveness outcomes for the entire event. The outcomes are then used by traffic control and road weather maintenance managers personnel to refine and optimize RW-PM strategies for implementation in responding to future weather events. System performance is evaluated seasonally and/or annually and strategies are updated to enhance seasonal and annual performance.

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