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This lane change software sets on top of the reusable platform software in the TFHRC's CARMA fleet of Cadillac SRXs. It provides algorithmic control for the connected vehicles performing a lane merge maneuver using DSRC v2v communications. It also provides the driver-vehicle interface (DVI) that allows the driver of each vehicle to choose that vehicle's role in the experiment, to set the operating speed of the experiment (lead vehicle), and to display status of the experiment's progress by way of status flags in received BSMs. The DVI software also handles data communication to/from the vehicle's Pinpoint position system and the OBU DSRC radio.

The software is built in two parts:
* the control software is written in Simulink and runs on the vehicle's MicroAutobox II
* the DVI software is written in Java and runs on the vehicle's secondary computer, which is an Ubuntu Linux PC.

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