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The LA-Gateway FRATIS demonstration project is focused on:

Improving communications and sharing intermodal logistics information between the truck drayage industry and port terminals such that terminals are less congested during peak hours;
Improving traveler information available to intermodal truck drayage fleets so that they can more effectively plan around traffic and port congestion; and
Employment of an optimization algorithm which will allow for the technologies to work together in a way which optimizes the drayage fleet deliveries and movements based on several key constraints (e.g., time of day, PIERPASS restrictions, terminal queue status, etc.).
The optimization algorithm used in this project is an extension on the algorithm used in the Cross Town Improvement Project (C-TIP) Drayage Optimization Proof of Concept Application. Due to the complexity of the drayage problem, the proposed optimization algorithm was developed through multiple iterations. In each iteration, the performance of the algorithm was validated and tested to ensure that the algorithm was working properly. The algorithm performance has been tested over a set of different problems ranging from well-known benchmark problems to specially customized ones.

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