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Primary Functions:

T-CONNECT (aka Connection Protection) serves to improve the experience for a transit traveler by increasing the likelihood of making successful transfers, particularly when these transfers are multi-modal or multi-agency.

T-DISP (Dynamic Transit Operations) provides benefits to both the traveler and the transportation provider. For the traveler, T-DISP provides an ability to access real-time information about available travel options, including costs and predicted time, in order to best manage their commute. For an agency, T-DISP extends demand / response services to support dynamic routing and scheduling, and even add/remove vehicles from service, based on traffic conditions, vehicle capacity, ridership and origin-destination, among other factors.

D-RIDE takes the concept of traditional pre-planned ridesharing (i.e., carpooling) and brings it into the 21st century. It does this by leveraging the positioning, messaging, and computing capabilities of today’s smartphones, and advancing an application that will let drivers and travelers, in near real-time, exchange information about needs or in case of a driver, available space.

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