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Alternate Optimization Program 1.0 The alternate optimization program is a linear program written with the objective of minimizing empty (bobtail) moves for Southwest Freight, a participant in the Freight Advanced Traveler Information System (FRATIS) prototype test in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. The AOP was one application within the prototype system. The AOP requires 2 Excel or comma separate input file containing 30 columns; these input files were generated from Southwest Freight’s dispatching software [vendor: Trinium Technologies]. One file contains loaded orders, and the second file contained empty orders, but both files contained the same column structure. A blank template is included within the uploaded zip file. The user must select the input file from any location on their desktop. To account for Southwest Freight requirements, the program limits the number of orders that can be assigned to a single driver (route) to four, although this can be altered in the code. In addition, the program offers the user the flexibility to determine the number of drivers/routes that should be included in the daily plan. For Southwest Freight, they wanted to make sure a certain number of drivers would have work each day. This can also reduce the number of orders per route/driver. As described above, both the user interface and code were written in Java. There is no installer included with this package. Only Source code is provided.

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